The July holidays were an adventurous experience for 17 Design, Art and Media Students. Along with Mrs Rogerson, Mrs Osborne and 5 parent helpers, we ventured across the other side of the world to Europe. First stop was London. Enduring the searing heat, we experienced all the local sights. Checking out where the Queen resides, Cathedrals, Towers and learning the history of London as we toured around. Students had free time to enjoy shopping and the London Eye, learning how to navigate the Underground. One of the highlights was visiting the Harry Potter Studios and touring all the sets, costumes and special effects. We left London via the Eurostar, travelling under the sea to France. We arrived to a wave of celebrations in Paris from winning the semi-final in the Football world cup. The Louve was an experience as we battled to the front of a dense crowd to view the Mona Lisa. Crowds and waiting continued as students patiently waited for our turn up the Eiffel Tower to stunning views of Paris. The highlight of Paris was everyone participating in a Graffiti workshop. We made our mark on Paris by designing and spray painting a mural on a wall! The following day we experienced the magical world of Disneyland before catching a flight to Rome. The Ancient Rome walking tour enriched our history knowledge as we appreciated all the buildings, incredible stories and ruins throughout the city. Italian Pizza and Pasta was the best of all meals for the 2 week trip. After a tour through Vatican City and the incredibly moving Sistine Chapel we headed on the long flight back to Hong Kong for a 2 day whirlwind sightseeing tour and shopping of the markets. Needless to say it was a whirlwind trip of a lifetime for all of us. Thank you to all that helped make it happen